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Tobermory 10 to be dis-continued

Another fine whisky bites the dust...

Age statement whisky seems to be falling by the way-side these days. The latest victim is one of our favourite summer whiskies, the Tobermory 10 Year Old. Many a time have we sipped this on the beach whilst looking out across the bay at the mountain tops of the Isle of Mull, where this distillery resides. All is not lost though, as the reason for its demise is a shortage of stock. The fine people of Tobermory are to continue producing the 10 year old, and once stocks are replenished, in two years hopefully, it will be re-released without any changes! 

And in the meantime, we still have its peaty partner, the Ledaig 10 Year Old Whisky, to see us through! 

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Posted: 15/07/2016 14:01:59 by euan finlayson

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