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We taste the first Kilkerran 12 Year Old

Glengyle distilleries first core product

We have really enjoyed all the previous 'Work in Progress' versions of Kilkerran. The bourbon cask versions have out-shone the sherry cask version in my opinion but some of the best ones were when we 'blended' the sherry cask and bourbon cask versions from the same batch. The new 12 year old is vatting of 70% bourbon cask maturation and 30% sherry cask. That means we have high hopes for the results of this hotly anticipated whisky.

Nose: Certainly some dried fruits and sweet caramel aromas. Dark forest fruits emerge and hints of distant peat smoke surface in the background. There is slightly more sherry characteristics on the nose than I had expected.

Palate: The citrus fruits are far more prominent now. Lemons, oranges and grapefruit are all there. We also have butterscotch, demerara sugar and just a wee bit of that farmy grassy taste you expect in Springbank.

Finish: Oily and long with the saltiness and peatyness that is familiar in a Campbeltown whisky.

Overall: This shoots right to the top of the 'best whiskies we've tried this year' list. It has an older style whisky feel going on that is hard to come by these days. Its also only £40 which puts most other whiskies - infact EVERY whisky in this price category to shame. Basically, buy one, two, three or however many as you can afford. And keep an eye out for future releases because I think we can come to expect great things from Glengyle distillery!
Posted: 23/08/2016 17:32:37 by euan finlayson

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